Somalia and Britain to improve Police Corporation.


The Second Leg of visit in Britain the Somali Commissioner Mohamed Sheikh Hassan Hamud met Senior Britain Police Discussing Security Corporation between the two countries.

Britain Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe and his Somali counterpart discuss ways of improving Security Corporation and information sharing on terrorism.

The two sides also discussed ways in which Britain on supporting Somali Police, as to provide training news Somali police force.

Somali Police Commissioner Mohamed Sheikh Hassan Hamud thanks the British police commissioner on the support providing by British to Somali police force. As well as efforts to share to share information in the intelligence.

According to Source close to the Somali Police Commissioner Mr Hamud is meeting British Officials on Tuesday, although the points of discussion are not getting unknowing to allow the Media his appointment.

The Somali police Commissioner has very involved in efforts strengthen relation between the Somali police and others countries.

Somalia is emerging form years of Civil war and it`s now rebuilding the nation and path to peace and Development.

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