Federal Government of Somalia is incriminated in the mortar firing at the UN compound in Mogadishu


Somalia is drifting into a diplomatic isolation as a result of its continued fight against international actors, the latest being when it declared Persona Non Grata to the SRSG.

The UK and EU have tried to convince the leadership of the Federal Government of Somalia through diplomatic channels to rescind its decision and recall the PNG letter. The leadership of the Federal Government of Somalia has unequivocally rejected the resolution proposed by UK and EU, who are major stakeholders in the statebuilding efforts in post-war Somalia, at the most critical juncture of its time. Consequently, the UK defense Minister in protest to the attitude of the Somali federal leadership cancelled a meeting with President Faramaajo and instead landed in Somaliland and had a very crucial meeting with the president of Somaliland- such diplomatic protest flies in the face of the federal government.

In a previous editorial piece by NEWSOMALI  on November 29, 2018. We have forewarned the dictatorial attitude of the regime and its tendency to curb constitutional rights of citizens, Somali opposition groups have also appealed to international partners that their support is being used for suppression of democratic rights and that state security apparatus is used to commit extrajudicial killings and illegal arrests and detention of citizens. Particularly, the opposition has explained the intent of NISA acquiring eavesdropping equipment illegally is to listen to the conversations of opposition groups and international partners, the potential danger is to suppress democracy and create a dictatorial regime.
The current diplomatic row between Somalia and its partners could have been prevented if international partners heeded to the advice of the Somali political elites and had conditioned their support to democratization and institution building. Now, this whole fiasco and the reaction from the International partners in the aftermath of declaring Mr. Nicholas Haysom persona non grata is evocative to the proverbial- the chicken coming home to roost.

The plausible logic to handle the SRSG matter was to investigate the human right violations and atrocities in Baidao city where 15 innocent civilians were killed by the Somali Security forces. regrettably, the initial response of the government was a twitter message by the National Security Advisor implicitly threatening the UN. Subsequently, this was followed by seven mortars fired at the UN compound in Mogadishu, and the firing of the SRSG on January 1, 2019.

NEWSOMALI has undertaken an investigation and reliable sources have confirmed that the government was behind the attacks at the UN compound to intimidate and coerce, so as to silence them to submission and to test any potential reaction from the International partners. Other international partners (who wanted to remain anonymous) NEWSOMALI spoke also did not deny that there is going to be an investigation to the incident of the mortar firing at the UN compound.

The best way to settle this is for AFRICOM to give satellite image access to verify the accuracy of this allegation, as it uses satellite access in its counterterrorism operations in Somalia and has carried 47 drone attacks against Alshabaab in 2018.


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