MP, government official assassinated in Mogadishu


Al-Shabaab fighters shot dead a member of the Somali Federal Parliament and a government official in Mogadishu in two separate drive-by shooting incidents on Saturday, witnesses confirmed.

In the first attack, an official working in the Prime Minister’s office was killed in Dharkenley district as he was driving to work in the morning.

The assailants managed to escape from the scene before security forces arrived, witness told to media. Somali PM sent condolence to his families and all Somalis.

MP Abdullahi Hussein Mohamoud was shot dead in a drive-by shooting hours after the first incident, while his driver was critically injured.

The killed MP was sworn in as a Parliamentarian in April, replacing his father who had passed away due to illness.

Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Shabaab fighters claimed the responsibility of the attacks and threatened to continue the attacks on the legislators.

The killing of the MP comes hours after an anti-terror law was introduced to the country’s Federal Parliament.

Since 2012 when the new parliament was formed, at least ten legislators have been gunned down in Mogadishu.

Most of the assassinations have been claimed by al-Shabaab who vowed to kill MPs one-by-one.


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