Somalia to flush out Al-shabab from southern Somalia


Somali defense minister, Abdikadir Sheikh Ali Diini,has congratulated the national army for their military gains against al-shabab militants who have suffered a number of military setbacks at the hands of the Somali army backed by African union troops.
DiinThe general said that Somali military has been conducting three-pronged large scale military offensive aimed at liberating key towns which had been under the control of al-shabab militants who had been fighting to impose their strict interpretation of sharia law.

“ The brave forces of Somalia launched military operations against al-shabab in the regions of gedo.Bay and Bakool liberating towns and villages in southern Somalia”, he said.

The defense minister said that the current offensive is a precursor to more intense campaign against al-shabab to liberate areas under the control of the militants who legitimized the blood of the Somali people.


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