Mayor’s absence paralyzes Banadir administration activity, most offices closed


The absence of Badanir region’s governor, Hasan Mahamed Huseen “Mungaab” has negative impact on the administration’s day to day work because many offices which used to do many activities have been closed.
muungaAccording to one of officials of the administration, all the deputy governors have no power to implement day to day work because Badanir region’s governor dominates them.

The official who requested anonymity said, “All activity of the administration is halted for the governor. It means that when he absent, there is no work, but when he is here all activities go forward. He travelled to Saudi Arabia during the holy month of Ramadan and then he flow to Uganda where some of his wives and children live. One of his children in Uganda died for failing from building. He has gone there for condolence. There is no payment of salary. There is mystery”.

Most of the servants of the administration stay their villages because of work blockage as the official confirmed to, also the weekly district commissioners’ meetings have been also canceled till Mungab traveled from the country.

Mohamed Adan Jim’ale said, “Somalia is suffers from power abuse. Every leader in the country doesn’t allow his deputy to have a power so the activity goes smoothly”.

Most of the workers in Banadir region have not received their wages and a number of other workers have been fired without justification.

Sources said, “Hasan Mahamed Huseen “Mungaab” is Badanir region’s governor and also the mayor of Mogadishu. He is the treasure. No one can withdraw one dollar from the administration’s account when he is absent. He deals with the deputies as nonhuman” Somali federal government received the information which describes critics to the governor but looks like not to be interested in solving it.


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